Sichuan Province, as the economic center of the western part of China, has been traditionally known as the Land of Abundance. It has a land area of 486,000 km2, and a population of 91 million. This province, located in the region where the southwest part and northwest part join, is close to Southeast Asia and guards the international channels The State Council has designated its capital city, Chengdu, as the center of science & technology, trade& commerce and finance, and the hub of transportation and communication in Southwest China.


Sichuan is one of the eight pilot areas for all-round innovation and reform in
China, as well as the only one in Western China.
Chengdu: Focusing on the construction of
entrepreneurship center of international influence
Deyang: Accelerating the construction of national innovation and development
demonstration base of high-end equipment industry
Mianyang: Accelerating the construction of national innovation, reform and
development demonstration base of military-civilian integration
Panzhihua-Xichang Region (Panxi): Accelerating the construction of national
key development base of strategic resources


In August 2016, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone was formally approved. It is divided into Chengdu
Section and Luzhou Southern Sichuan Port-Neighboring Section, with a total area of 120 km2.
Development orientation: to develop into an open economic highland in inland China and realize the
synchronized opening-up of the hinterland and the areas along the coast, the Yangtze River and the borders.

One of the most competitive regions in future China
The fourth growth pilar for Chinese economy

A key economic center in Western China
An important modern industry platform nationwide
A pilot zone for greater openness in inland China
A demonstrative area for balanced urban-rural development
A buffar for ecological security on the upper raaches of the Yangtze River

--Rebuilding An Industrial Chengdu
The State Council has officially approved Sichuan Tianfu New Area as a state-level new area on October 2, 2014


Tianfu New Area covers 8 sections of Chengdu City and Meishan , with altogether 37 sub-districts and a planning area of l,578 km2
总体定位:我国西部地区的核心增长极与科技创新高地,以现代制造业为主、高端眼务业集聚、宜业宜商宜 居的国际化现代化新区

Overall Positioning: A core growth pole and innovation highland for science and technology in Western China, and an
international modern new area featuring modern manufacturing industry with high-end service industry clusters, suitable for
business, work and living.
Core Drivers: A pilot area for all-round innovation and reform, a cluster of modern high-end industries, an open economic
highland in the hinterland, a city suitable for business, work and living, and a demonstration area for integrated development of
urban and rural areas
Overall Layout: "One Belt with Two Wings, One City with Six Zones"

一带: 高端服务功能集聚带。
两翼: 东西两翼产业功能带。以成(都)眉(山)乐(山)产业走廊为基础,打造成(都)眉(山) 高技术和战略新兴产业集聚带:以成都经济技术开发区为基础,打造高端制造产业功能带。
一城: 天府新城。集聚发展中央商务、总部办公、文化行政等高端服务功能。
六区: 成(都)眉(山)战略新兴产业功能区、双流高技术产业功能区、龙泉高端制造产业功能区、 成都科学城、南部特色优势产业功能区、两湖一山国际旅游文化功能区。
One Belt: The high-end services concentrated belt
Two Wings: The industrial function belts in the east and the west One is based on Chengdu-Meishan-Leshan industrial corridor and will be built into Chengdu-Meishan hi-tech and strategic emerging industries concentrated belt, while the other is based on Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone and will be established as a high-end manufacturing industry belt.
One City: Tianfu New City which focuses on developing high-end services such as central business, headquarters economy, administration and culture.
Six Zones: Chengdu-Meishan Strategically Emerging Industries Zone, Shuangliu Hi-Tech Industry Zone, Longquan High-End Manufacturing Industry Zone, Chengdu Science and Technology Zone, Southern Characteristic and Advantageous Industries Zone and Two-Lake & One-Mountain International Culture-Oriented Tourism Zone.

One Belt with Two Wings, One Town with Six Zones" Schematic Layout


Energy resources: Sichuan is the largest hydropower development base in China. Its technically available hydropower
resources is 120 million kw, accounting for 27% of that of China, while the economically available hydropower resources
accounts for 31.9% of that of the country, both ranking the first in the nation. The reserve of natural gas is 7,200 billion m3,
accounting for 19% of the national total reserves.
Mineral resources: Sichuan Province is among the top three provinces in China regarding the reserves of 29 minerals, of which
16 minerals including natural gas, vanadium, titanium, light rare earth, pyrite, mirabilite and halite rank the first nationwide and 6
minerals including iron, crystal graphite and asbestos the second 82% of titanium reserve and l/3 0f vanadium reserve of the
world are in Sichuan Province.
Biological resources: As one of the rare biological genetic banks on a national and even global scale, Sichuan is home to one
third of China's total high-grade plants, and ranks the second in terms of forest volume in China. Sichuan owns more than 5,500
wild economic plants and l/3 0f Chinese medicinal plants output, which makes it the largest base for TCM materials throughout
the nation


Sichuan has a population of 91 million. It is the largest market of commodities and production factors in Western China, as well as the top logistic center and a key distribution hub in Southwest China. Multiple economic indicators of Sichuan including GDP, investment and consumption account for about 20% respectively of the total of Western China, making Sichuan the strongest province of the region with regard to comprehensive competitiveness. It exerts a sizable driving effect on the western Chinese market, which ripples to markets of Central China, Southeast Asia, South Asia as well as Central Asia


With Chengdu as the center
there is a market of
70 million people
within the 200 km-radius
A market of
160 million people
within the 400 km-radius
And a market
380 million people
within the 800 km-radius

2016年,引进到位国内省外资金9614亿元,实际利用外资85.5亿美元,进出口总额493亿美元。截至2016年末,在川落户的世界500强企业累计达到321家,其中,境外世界500强企业232家,居中国中西部第一。 美国.德国、韩国、泰国、法国、新加坡、巴基斯坦、澳大利亚、以色列等16个国家在成都设立了领事机构,成都是中国领馆“第三城”。四川国际友城和友好合作关系达到218对。中国西部国际博览会、中外知名企业四川行、中国(西部)国际投资大会等已成为具有重要影响力的开放合作平台。成都是全国第四个、中西部第一个实行72小时过境免签政策的城市。

The amount of domestic investments attracted from outside of Sichuan was up to CNY 961.4 billion in 2016, utilized foreign capital reached USD 8.55 billion and the import and export volume totaled USD 49 3 billion As of the end of 2016, 321 0f the Fortune Global 500 companies have had presence in Sichuan, 232 0f which are foreign-funded companies, leading the provinces in Central and Western China. 16 countries, including US, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, France, Singapore, Pakistan, Australia and Israel have established their consulates in Chengdu, making Chengdu the "third city" with regard to the number of foreign consulates. Sichuan has established 218 sister-city relations or friendly cooperation relations with other countries. The Western China International Fair, Well-Known Chinese and Foreign Enterprises' Visit to Sichuan, China (Western) International Investment Conference have become the open cooperation platforms of great influence In addition, Chengdu is the fourth city of the whole country and the first city in the Central and Western China to implement the 72-hour visa-free transit policy